Throughout 2021, I am living, practicing, organising and working as a co-facilitator at DARP (Derbyshire Artist Residency Programme).

At DARP, we host practitioners from all walks of life with a need to develop their practice in an environment that encourages both independence and community. DARP provides time and space for artists to work autonomously on their practices, whilst also benefiting from communal living, opportunities for collaboration, skill-sharing, and proximity to the natural world.


We are always looking for new members of the community at DARP!


For more information and to learn more about our application process, please click here.


At DARP, we welcome people who will help us build a community together. DARP is as much yours as it is ours, and we aim to create a place that transforms and changes with each resident’s intentions. Self-initiation and experimentation are at our core.

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"reality is just a badly designed DARP"