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dream: sinking in the south of france

1 Feb 2021

A big, vibrant group of women I used to work with. it was implied that they were french, even though electra was the main character and she is definitely greek and not french. they were extra femme and moved in unison.

i ran in late to a work meeting (the meeting room was light and made entirely from glass) and asked where the big vibrant group of french women had gone.

to the beach! a woman said (she was the leader of the meeting and wore fashionable glasses)

it reminds them of her mother, she added

i was jealous of their naughtiness and followed them out to the beach. it was bright and kitsch there.

along the beach, there were holes in the sand where parasols would enter. Electra was then in front of me clutching a parasol between her hands - she had huge glassy eyes that looked like they belonged to a plastic doll - and she popped herself down one of the parasol holes. She was fully submerged beneath the sand, holding the parasol. Stuck under the ground. Sometimes the little tip of the parasol would bob up out of the hole, and i would try to grab it, but it was so hard to pinch it with my fingers. and then the parasol would sink back down. And up again! I would fail to grasp it :( i woke up feeling anxious and stressed that electra wouldn't be able to breath under the sand


(do you have any associations to the name electra?

Um... carmen electra.... i suppose...

not the electra complex?

no, no i do not have that association)

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