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heartbreak in 2015

Updated: Feb 3

a bad poem and a confession about how my brain worked/works

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spencer matthews wish fullfillment

(after we spoke on the phone for four hours) I dreamt that I was curled on a man’s lap and I felt safe as he stroked my hair he was big and fatherly and his hands were like paws the man was sort of **

still sinking in the south of france

Last Thursday, G and I returned to that dream (sinking in the south of france) close your eyes and imagine you’re electra in the hole OK so I’m Electra in the hole it’s cold and wet in the hole which

dream: sinking in the south of france

1 Feb 2021 A big, vibrant group of women I used to work with. it was implied that they were french, even though electra was the main character and she is definitely greek and not french. they were ext