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still sinking in the south of france

Last Thursday, G and I returned to that dream (sinking in the south of france)

close your eyes and imagine you’re electra in the hole

OK so I’m Electra in the hole

it’s cold and wet in the hole

which makes sense because the hole is in the sand and sand is cold and wet when you dig into it

I realise that the hole is much bigger than it appeared from outside

Inside, its cavernous and I am electra at the bottom staring up to the opening above me

and I can see a small version of me (sophie, not electra) peering in from that opening above.

Below me (electra)

¡a tampoline appears!

I bounce up and down on the trampoline

I feel stiff like a human pogo stick

and cling onto my parasol

and surface through the hole over and over

I jump so high!

and I feel the change of force on my guts

above me are the kitsch blue skies and below me a little Sophie with a face like :S

what happens if I take the trampoline away

Well, now it’s scary

I’m at the bottom of the hole

Which has expanded, or maybe I have shrunk (I cannot be sure)

¡But then!

sophie’s hand reaches in for me

the hand is disproportionately big, or maybe I(electra) am very small (I cannot be sure)

The hand pinches the tip of my parasol and hoists me to the surface, placing me

on the edge of the hole

and I sit with my legs dangling into it.

But I(electra) don’t want to be there

So I let myself fall back into it

Sophie calls to me

- What are you doing

down there?

I(electra) do not reply

It is implied that it is not possible to communicate with me/electra, because I am not really present behind my glassy eyes AND because

I am made of plastic.

Then I start moving like a spider , scuttling up the walls and rimming the edges of the hole with my fingers (i look a lot like the girl from the ring, which is a sort of funny to irl me)

Sophie is very worried. She is human and squashy compared to me/electra

I/Electra am sort of charming, impish I suppose, but also irritating, a show off and unafraid

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